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ISPDB: ISP provisioning software, services and support

Please Note: ISPDB Limited has been disolved and is no longer trading. For further information please visit the Surrey web design company Gyre Technology.

ISPDB Software is up for sale

Cambridge, United Kingdom, 23 July 2001

ISPDB Limited, the Cambridge (UK) based ISP solutions firm, has today announced that the Company is to be dissolved, and the Copyright to all its software is now up for sale.

"ISPDB Limited is a joint venture company between Gyre Technology Limited, a software house, and Justnames Limited, an ISP." said Mark Sweeting, CEO of Gyre. "The parent companies now wish to focus on their core competencies. This is why we are looking to sell: someone else will be able to make a really great success with the software."

"The potential range of applications for software like this is huge. As it is, it makes a great ISP provisioning solution. However, it could be scaled down and used to manage single machines for example; perhaps coming pre-installed from the hardware vendor." said Matt Kern, Technical Director at Gyre.

About the ISPDB Software

ISPDB is a provisioning system for small to medium ISPs running Linux. It features three fully automated interfaces: an administration interface to allow ISP staff to add, view and update customer records and their associated purchased products; a sign up interface for selling products to both new and old customers over the net; a customer interface to allow customers to update their details, customise purchased products and view account status. These three interfaces can eliminate 90% of the leg-work involved in running an ISP.

As a further benefit, ISPDB can produce multiple reports including detailing sales, overdue payments and cancelled products over variable time intervals. These features contribute greatly to an overall management information system.

More Information

For more information about ISPDB Limited, please visit http://www.ispdb.co.uk/.

For more information about Gyre Technology Limited, please visit http://www.gyre.co.uk/.

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