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ISPDB: ISP provisioning software, services and support

Please Note: ISPDB Limited has been disolved and is no longer trading. For further information please visit the Surrey web design company Gyre Technology.

Managing your internet services

ISPDB is a provisioning tool for ISPs, and will automate most of the procedures involved in being one. Providing both a customer and an administrator interface, ISPDB gives you full control over how your business is run, and it empowers your customers to manage their own products and services themselves.

14 October 2002: ISPDB Limited has stopped providing support for the ISPDB software, and this site no longer provides much information about the software. The company is now disolved. The remaining affairs of ISPDB Limited will be managed by Gyre Technology Limited.


 Latest News: ISPDB Limited is now dissolved

8 October 2002: ISPDB Limited, the Cambridge (UK) based ISP solutions firm, is now dissolved. The directors of ISPDB applied to have the company removed from the Register of Companies under section 652 of the Companies Act 1985.   


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